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Early Years and Nursery

Supporting At Home


Class teachers are on hand to advise you on how you can further support your child's learning at home. Here are some ideas to start with:​​​​​​

Firstly we ask you read to your child, ideally every day; little and often is best. Chose from a range of new and traditional tales. You will be sent home a "You Read" book to share with your child.

As their own reading begins you will receive phonics packs to practice their sounds and early reading books which match their phonics progress.

Please complete their reading diary when you read together.

Encourage your child to talk and discuss what you are doing together - setting the table, playing with water in the bath, counting the stairs, writing a shopping list, cleaning and tidying!

Look for numbers in the environment - on doors, buses, signs or shop labels.

Please share your experiences with your child on the Tapestry app. 



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