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The published criteria for admission to the Academy can be found on the Academy’s website. Children enter the Academy in the September of the year in which they turn five. All applications for places will be granted up to the published admissions number (PAN) set for each year group. After the admission of pupils with Educational Health Care Plans, where the Academy is recorded in the plan, we will use the following factors in priority order to decide which students will be given places, should demand exceed the number of places available:

  • Children who are Looked After and all previously Looked After children.
  • Children with a brother or sister at the Academy who will still be attending when the child is due to start or on who are on roll at the Academy at the time of application. NB Siblings for the purpose of the admissions code are pupils of compulsory school age i.e. those who have applied via the local authority and have been allocated a place in year Reception or above.
  • Proximity to the Academy (according to the child’s main residence).

If the proximity criterion is not sufficient to distinguish between two or more applicants for the last remaining place then a lottery will be drawn by an independent person, not employed by the Academy or working in the Children’s Services Department at the Local Authority.

The ‘find you nearest school’ tool is now available on the LCC website:

Admissions and appeals:
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