Social Media

Using the internet is an incredibly useful way to find out information; whether you want to research an area of history for a project or find out the time of the next train; do your on line  shopping or read “the paper”.  It is the way most of us communicate by text message, e-mail or via a specially designed app or website often known as “Social Media”.

During the pandemic communication apps such as Zoom or Teams helped us all keep in touch and see our families and friends, now these are part of everyday life; when the internet “goes down” we are lost!

However, there is also a dark side to the world wide web and used without care and safety measures it can be a dangerous place, where we can become scared, get tricked, be scammed or have our well-being hurt very badly.  The detail we are going to share on these next links can help you stay safe and well on line and make the most of  the WWW’s wonderful content!